About Me

Sridevi Krishnan

I was born and raised in Chennai (previously known as Madras) and came to the US to pursue my Master's degree.

It was more than just a culture shock when I arrived in Philadelphia. We are humans after all , born with the innate ability to adapt. I adapted to the completely new environment (weather, food, people, way of living) and successfully earned my Master's degree in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Shortly after my graduation, it was time for my wedding bells. I moved coast-to-coast, Philadelphia to California, to embark upon an exciting journey with my husband, Sriram.

I started writing for children when I was pregnant with my now 11 year old twins. I have been happily married for over 17 years now and live with my family in Pleasanton, CA.

I am grateful to my husband, children, and parents, for their immense support in my writing journey.

I would love to hear from you : sridevikrishnan2001@yahoo.com

Story Workshops

I am passionate about igniting the creative spark in young children and to this, have conducted story workshops for elementary school children. During these workshops, children learnt to create story books of their own from cover to cover.

In short, children experienced the joy of writing to write brilliant stories and bringing those stories to life by illustrating accordingly.

Personalized Story Books

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to create and gift personalized story books to several kids in my family and friends circle.

Personalized children’s books help build connection between kids and story books. When children see their name in the story, they are more interested in the story. They are also more motivated to continue reading the story and read it many more times. This is a great way to seed a lifelong relationship between a young child and books.

Also, this helps the child build self-esteem as they see themselves as the star of the story. They start believing in themselves and boost self-confidence.

Personalized children’s books are thoughtful gifts that make long-lasting keepsakes. A child will always keep and cherish this special gift.